The band was formed in the end of 1996. From the very beginning the band took a special place on Syktyvkar's stage. The use of a drum-machine, a sharp guitar and growl, distinguished the sound of the band from the others. From 1997 to 1999 the band had a successful concert activity. At the beginning of the new century "GRIMORIUM VERUM" had released the concert EP " In concert 1999 " which was successfully sold. A year later the band recorded a single "Dancer", the most ambiguous composition of the collective at the time. But time is inexorable, and in 2001 "GRIMORIUM VERUM" stopped their activity due to personal and creative issues. In 2005 the vocalist of the band, Roma Diamond, released his solo album, in which he included the compositions of "GRIMORIUM VERUM". This collaboration of Diamond and Andy gave a push to a revival of the band. In 2006 the guys resumed the concert activity, not forgetting about composing new songs. The sound of the group has become even more powerful and aggressive, and the use age of samples added more distinct flavor of mysticism to their music. In 2008 Diamond and Andy released the first high-grade album "Retaliation". In 2011 the band released the second album "Reborn", in which the final music style was approved. At the same time a keyboard player joined the band. At present time it continues their successful activity taking part in various concerts and festivals. In 2015 the band released new album "Relict". It was step to new sound of band.